Plane Data

I am making the ADS-B data I collect via my Rasberry Pi available for purchase. The data is in JSON format and is taken every 30 seconds. The average size of a single piece of data is 32KB from daytime collections and 3KB from nighttime collections. The size of a single collection depends on the number of aircraft in the sky. As of December 4th, 2018 I have 10GB+ of data collected and 409,000+ individual collections that spans most of the months in 2018. The data continues to be collected. As shown in this post my antenna picks up aircraft as far north as Scranton, PA and south as Newport News, VA and is centered on Frederick, MD. Please contact me at to purchase. I have no set rate for the data and will entertain all offers.

Data Example:

$ cat frederick/2018/04/03/01/1522733047.json | jq '' | head -n 20
 "messages": 88699722,
 "now": 1522733047.8,
 "aircraft": [
     "lat": 41.459335,
     "flight": "FDX1021 ",
     "vert_rate": 0,
     "messages": 164,
     "category": "A4",
     "lon": -77.592753,
     "tisb": [],
     "altitude": 29000,
     "hex": "aa8389",
     "mlat": [],
     "seen": 1.3,
     "speed": 570,
     "squawk": "6557",
     "track": 101,
     "nucp": 7,